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Acne Clear Pro Kit (Mild)

Acne Clear Pro Kit (Mild)

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Includes NazalMD Acne Soap 135g, Erythromycin Solution 100ml and Acne Strong Mild 100ml.

Nazal MD's Acne Soap is a specialized soap with benzoyl peroxide that kills acne bacteria.

Nazal MD's Erythromycin Solution keeps a pimple free skin. It is a topical macrolide anitbiotic that will improve acne by slowing the growth of bacteria in the skin, which causes acne.

Nazal MD's Acne Solution mild is a specially formulated toner that smoothens, tones, and purifies the skin. Good for younger or, sensitive skin. It also reduces the possibility of pimples, blackheads, and blemishes. Regular use of acne solution strong results to whiter, smoother, and softer skin.